Top features that you will love

Facial recognition based attendance

Just click a picture – your own or your colleagues, and their attendance is marked

Location tagging

Praavi records the location of your staff’s attendance, so you can be assured they were where they were supposed to be

100% free

Yes. You read that right.

Onboard staff in 15 secs

Quick onboard staff with basic details on remote sites. HR can do the formalities later!

See attendance summary & reports

Dont wait for hours to know mission critical information. Information in Praavi updates every few minutes

Assign roles to your staff

Make Admins, attendance takers, HR Staff, department heads within 5 seconds

See detailed attendance records

Create departments, designations in a few seconds. Assign to your staff quickly and get instant reports.

Attendance alerts

Wrong locations, fraudulent pictures used to mark attendance, wrong timings etc. – all tracked by software.

Manage shifts & multi locations

Manage multiple shifts, locations & rules – all highly flexible – the way SMEs run.

Complete staff directory

Give access to staff limited information and contact details of everyone else in the organization

Why should you choose PRAAVI's HRMS over others?

100% Free

Yes. We know your budgets are tight. Thats why its 100% free.

You only pay for value added services where your manual labour is saved using our ML automation, giving you at least 10x savings by paying us.

We’ve run SME businesses, we know you don’t want to spend unless it actually puts more money in your pocket.

Click a photo. Mark attendance.

Want to mark your own attendance? Open PRAAVI app, and click on clock in – your photo will get clicked, and your location will be tagged. Done!

Want to mark labour attendance? Once clocked in, click on “Clock in Others” button, click their photo, and you’re done! To clock them out, click on “Clock out others” button, click their picture, and attendance is marked.

Location based attendance

Is your staff supposed to be at a remote site? Simply assign the location to him – for a day, a week, forever. Assign multiple locations to a staff – PRAAVI is flexible.

If they log in from a wrong location, you can decide what to do later – when you regularise their attendance for payroll calculation.

Real Time reports

PRAAVI reports updates every few minutes. So you can see who is in and who isnt. Along with their location, time, and who has marked them present.

This is ideal for large construction sites.

Its quick.

Onboard staff in 15 secs
Remove staff in 5 secs

Manage department & designations in 10 secs
Assign roles to staff in 10 secs
And a ton of stuff – reports, regularisation, etc.- done in a few seconds All on mobile & laptop.

Its a complete solution

PRAAVI HRMS will soon integrate with our accounting tools, wallets, geolocation features and ML Business Intelligence features.

PRAAVI will work flawlessly to run your whole business.

10x your organiztion's speed with PRAAVI's HRMS

Facial recognition based attendance

Mark others & your own attendance with a simple click

See attendance summary & reports

We update our reports every few minutes. Which means you get real -time data on all the activities of your staff.

The days of calling and checking on WhatsApp are over.

Assign roles to your staff

Give your supervisors & senior staff the rights to mark attendance, regularise, see reports, etc. all on their cell phones.

Manage shifts & multi locations

Your business is growing, and you need flexibility. Rigid HR practices and rules dont apply to your business.

PRAAVI is perfect for you. Assign multiple locations, shifts etc. to your staff and create complex rules within a few seconds. Its as if you were explaining your requirements to a trusted supervisor.

Complete staff directory

Get hold of anyone in the organization via their email, phone or WhatsApp.

Limit the availability of information if you wish to. Or allow communication just on PRAAVI.

Its really convenient.

Feature Roadmap

See what's waiting for you...

Soon, access more value added features with PRAAVI

  • ldacap Attendance & Location
  • ldacap Regularization
  • ldacap Detailed Reports
  • ldacap Mileage & Live Location
  • ldacap Cash Wallets
  • ldacap Card Wallets
  • ldacap UPI Wallets
  • ldacap Accounting Tools

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